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New course: 21 steps to become a successful investor with Darren Weeks

We are very excited to announce our latest course with investment guru Darren Weeks. Darren went from a 9-5 working life to millionaire, and has made it part of his calling to teach the approach and the skills that got him there.

“21 steps to become a successful investor” is packed with down-to-earth, practical advice how to succeed in business. Step by step, Darren takes you through all the factors that have the power to transform your career—and your life.

The course launches on September 25 and is the first one Skillex is putting together with an external partner.

From your decisions to your appearance—and to your pitch

Darren’s priceless advice on how to sell yourself includes aspects of a successful persona as well as basic considerations that will help you elsewhere in life as well.

From sound decision-making to convincing others, Darren has gone through every detail with care, outlining in his lessons not only how to follow the principles of success, but also how to do it without losing your own personal touch.

How to make it, honestly

All the while, there is nothing sleazy to it. Darren’s basics include the principles of honoring your word, and keeping to your promises. Where others promise riches, Darren insists on consistency and persistence: you won’t get this done without hard work, but there is no reason why it shouldn’t be worthwhile.

Learn how to gear your business towards success, from the way you make decisions right down to the way you dress. Learn how to introduce yourself so nobody overlooks you, how to find your pitch, and how to push on—until you achieve your goal.

Course launches 25 September

Darren Weeks’ “21 steps to become a successful investor” is now open for enrolment for all of our private beta community members. If you are on the public waiting list, don’t despair: it will still be around when we open to the public!

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